Monday, October 5, 2009

Whats ii look like?

The rebound up today was much sharper than I anticipated. In fact the day ended with a bull flag for a potential gap up tomorrow. If my target of 104.71 is met, I will still not be confident that iii has started as this could easily become an ABC formation. We could easily end churning for a few days and end up at my original spot in the chart above.

BPSPX:CPC STILL has not crossed, but I expect it to in the next couple of days.

VIX:SPX moved as I expected in my post on saturday. Now I expect it to kiss off the 50ma and that will signal the start of iii.
Similar to the BPSPX:CPC the CPCI:CPCE shows turning points. Of course it has not crossed yet either.
So in summary I expect a little more up tomorrow and then the fall will continue either in the form of iii starting or b of ii starting. I have my calls set to sell just below my target and puts to buy at the same level.