Thursday, March 19, 2009

Version 3.0

Ok...Version 1.0 had a few bugs in it. Mainly the Fed dumping 1 trillion in to the economy. We worked that out in Version 2.0 today, where we started our fall.
Tonight, its version 3.0 with new and improved features:
- MCO curling over
- Stochs way overbought on the daily
- Dark Cloud cover candle stick formation on the daily
- Bounced off long term trendline from jan high (almost a kiss of death)
- Bounced down below 50 day MA
- Broke out of the bearish rising wedge down

The end is near...


m said...

Chart Spikes: Have you noticed frequent chart spikes both up & down on the SPY Intra-Day Charts & if so,
a) What would you attribute them to

b) Have you noticed them acting as a foreword indicator of where the SPY heads

c) Did you notice the spike down to $68.1359 on the SPY in the after hours trade last week.

Thank you

Pokerden said...

Majority of the time those are just bad data points. It happens on certain feeds. I can see a spike on a TOS feed, but looking at the same thing on tdameritrade feed and its not there.