Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking good for shorts

The above is how I see it playing out right now. The submicro waves in red and ending at wave iii in the short term. The ES is up afterhours but on the SPY count we could easily still be in submicrowave [2]. A little messy on my positioning...but I assure you that 5 will occur after 4 :)
VIX stayed high today. Looks like we will be expanding the BB here.
VIX:VXV crossed its moving average AND crossed the red dotted line which is a sell trigger line.
BPSPX:CPC has crossed nicely back under both the 20 and 50ma's. This should start curling the 20ma over. Again on the intermediate term this signals building a short position. My thought is that this will ultimately have a target of minute wave[i] under 100 on SPY. The BPSPX will then cross over positive for minute wave [ii] up.

Further out, I am potentially seeing Intermediate wave (1) down finishing before Christmas and then a huge rally up for wave (2) into next spring. Intermediate wave(1) should take us to below 666 on SPY.
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