Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[i] about finished...waiting on [ii]

The final move for wave [i] should occur tomorrow. I suspect that it will finish in an ending diagonal followed by a sharp move up for wave [ii]. The green dot in the TOS chart above is on the tourquoise line of the Stock Chart below.
The above chart I posted a while back and is basically trendline supports where I expect the market would bounce at.
VIX painted a bull flag, so I suspect a little bit of up tomorrow on it. This would mean a little down in the market.
The above is a longer term view of the BPSPX:CPC, note how accurate it was during the bear market. Remember that it is not a short term indicator, but rather an intermediate/long term indicator. In essence its a sentiment indicator using the ratio of the bullish percent index to the put call ratio. So when we see the confirmed sell signal, it does not mean that the next day will be up, it means weeks/months later you will have done well if you had sold/shorted.
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