Monday, October 11, 2010

10/11/10 Update

VIX:VXV made an all time low. It has never been down this far. I thought it was a bad print till I sat down and calculated it out. Hard to see it go much lower, this is a major extreme. A move up in this indicator is a move down in the market usually.
SPY formed a doji star today which is a bearish candle stick formation. Again we are still sitting around waiting for Minor wave 2 to end. Today looks to be it.
Wow, the VIX closed way out of the BB. The BB in the chart above spans two standard deviations and normally is able to encapsulate moves. A move down out of the BB like that hasn't been seen since 2004 in the second quarter.
BPSPX has almost made it to the 70 level. Tomorrow better be a big turn around...but its opex week. Additionally, today was the lowest volume day of the entire years...
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