Sunday, September 12, 2010

09/12/10 Update

So we gapped up over the trend line, this fine Sunday evening. Is this all from the new rules to avert a banking crisis? Is it to late already? Futures are sure happy tonight.
Just finished reading the news. While the measure is not a bad one, it will avert the NEXT banking crisis, but not the one we are currently in. Many governments are now in the same trouble that Lehman and Bear Stearns were in. Liquidity on that scale is difficult to come by during tough times.
But the VIX is showing divergence on the dailies. This last thrust to new highs did not take the VIX to new lows. The VIX should turn up tomorrow...that would be my guess based on Friday's close, but as we see the Futures are way up tonight. Still I suspect a volatile week and the trend to turn down for the market as a whole.
BPSPX:CPC was down friday separating the 20 ma and 50 ma more. The BPSPX itself is at an upper trendline.
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