Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wave 4 stretched out through the whole day...

Today was a whole lot of nothing part two. Wave 4 extended through today and carved out a symmetrical triangle within a larger rising wedge. Looks like a spike up and of the triangle with a touch of the upper wedge line tomorrow. That should end this wave 5 and we should have a steep correction.
VIX should spike down to the green line and then reverse upwards.
CPCI:CPCE signaled a sell. But this thing has been flipping back and forth alot.

Conclusion, my expected up then down from two days ago will play out on Thursday. We should spike to the 112.4 area before reversing hard for the correction. As far this being the top of P2, its hard to tell. The nature of the correction should give us some clue.
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