Thursday, June 25, 2009


It crossed!


Carlos Júlio said...

Hi Pokerman
My 2 cents
Close today 920.26(+19.32)
Spx close below 935 so nothing new.
Below 935 I expect [790,820] medium term.

Today break 911 hourly/daily and is now testing important resistance.
I suspected yesterday that the market should go up, because if you see my post/chart spx had divergence bullish stochastic daily.
So now bulls will try to break this important range [935-921].

I suspected that spx will turn around soon.
Don`t forget today vix fall 15% and made new lows of the year again = This is very bery bearish I see spx only at 920 made 956.
Important tomorrow watch macd hourly. New sell signal macd hourly with confirm lower high and we will testing again range [880-893] or we will break last down swing and see my medium term target [790-820.

Suport 910 resistance between [935-921]

Trades big picture
Open Last week short at 941 close 902 (80% of my position) and I will initiating short positions again.
See the table of trades at the end of the blog.
Any position of trading I will post here realtime.
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Schweizer said...


One observation on this chart. When the signal line is below the 20ma, then crosses up through it, this is at extremes in the gap size between the 20 and 50ma, such as in late October08 and mid march09. These might be a good spot to enter partial longs.

Also, you might want to check out this "observation" of mine:

Carlos Júlio said...

Thanks nice work.

My 2 cents for short-term and Big Picture spx.
SPX - Update Daily and Hourly
Close last friday 918.90(-1.36)
Bulls try to break important range [935-921] but close again below 928 and 935. Vix new lows again lose 1.7%.
Readjust numbers because spx visited target short-term this week.

Below 928 I expect [880-893] again.
Below 935 I expect [790,820] medium term.

Suport important big picture [880,893]

Important Monday
-Resistance Hourly range[921,928].
-Suport 913 and 896.
-Control MACD hourly and 913.
MACD near new sell signal.
Close hourly below 913 we will see 896 and bears will try to attack important suport [880-893].

Plan for Monday
Open more short if:
New sell signal macd hourly and close hourly above 913 rule number 3,4,6.
Click to zoom in.
New post soon.
Enjoy the weekend.

Big Picture
SPX - Should be near the top of a medium-long term
With these levels of compliance should be near the top of a medium-long term.
I do not believe in running to 1,000 + on the spx.
I do not believe that two consecutive weeks will close above 956 in the coming months.

I do not believe that the spx can make a monthly close above 956 in the coming months.
This is a typical bear market rally the market should be very close to the selloff back again.
During the coming weeks I will follow this charts.
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